Domestic sales will catch up with Guangdong

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  Guangdong and Sichuan are the two major cities in the Chinese furniture industry. Guangdong is located in the forefront of reform and opening up, is the birthplace of China's manufacturing industry, Guangdong furniture with a good policy environment, the formation of a perfect industrial chain, plus foreign exchange, trade and have a rare information advantage. Under such circumstances, Guangdong has become the largest furniture producing area in China, producing a large number of excellent brands and occupying half of China's furniture industry.

  However, Sichuan is partial to the southwest and does not have the advantage of Guangdong. When the first batch of Sichuan furniture enterprises developed, there was little room for them to choose. But it is the environment that has made Sichuan furniture. They choose the road of "encircling the city in the countryside", build a civilian brand, open up the two or three and four line market, and create the miracle of the Chinese furniture industry on the scale of the enterprise.

  The "day" of Sichuan furniture

  2013 is a memorable year for Sichuan furniture. Earlier in the year, the eighteen Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, and the new government took "new urbanization" as the main direction of future development, which brought "day time" for Sichuan furniture.

  Strictly speaking, the growth of Sichuan furniture is the best embodiment of China's urbanization dividend. In the past more than 10 years, China's urbanization process has continued, coupled with a huge population base, which provides a huge consumer market for Sichuan style furniture. Compared to Guangdong furniture, Sichuan furniture has chosen a "rural encircling city" road from the beginning, the continuous civilian brand building, the continuous channel input to the two or three and four line cities, let Sichuan furniture quickly embark on the road of scale development, and develop the scale of Chinese furniture industry to the most. Big brand group.

  According to the statistics, in 2011, the urbanization rate of China was 51.27%. In 2050, the urbanization rate would be raised to more than 70% to reach the level of developed countries. In 2013, the new government proposed the concept of "new urbanization", and at the third meeting of the twelve NPC Standing Committee in June, it made clear that "China will completely liberalize small towns and small cities and restrict the settlement of small cities in an orderly way, and gradually open the restrictions on the settlement of middle cities, and gradually relax the conditions for the settlement of large cities." It is considered to be the first time that China has explicitly put forward specific urbanization paths for all kinds of citiesstorage rack.

  Sichuan enterprises have long ploughed the two or three and four line market, forming a mature brand positioning, distributor, logistics, service and other systems, the promotion of the new urbanization policy and the release of consumer power, which undoubtedly brings the "day" for Sichuan furniture.

  Sichuan furniture size will catch up with Guangdong?

  Take the scale of the development of the road, years of market accumulation plus the good news of the policy of urbanization, what will the future of Sichuan furniture show? In Chengdu furniture exhibition, Phoenix home put forward a topic: Sichuan furniture in the future size of Guangdong? Wen Biao, director of the home office of all friends, said in an interview with the Phoenix home that the overall economic development is slowing, but the market demand for urban and rural integration is increasing, and the growth of Guangdong's enterprise market is small, and it is believed that the pace of catching up with them will be better than that of the expected. Southern home marketing vice premier Fu Qiang even believes that "maybe five to eight years will be able to surpass Guangdong furniture in volume."

  At the 2012 annual conference held by the Sichuan furniture industry chamber of Commerce in January 10, 2013, such a data was published. In 2012, 2012, the output value of Sichuan furniture industry increased by 27.24%, and Guangdong furniture increased by 11.73% in the same period. In the "12th Five-Year development plan of Sichuan furniture industry" announced at the beginning of 2012, it was proposed that by the end of "12th Five-Year", the total output value of the furniture industry of Sichuan would break through the 100 billion key points. At the same time, according to statistics, Guangdong furniture in 2011 achieved an industrial scale of 325 billion 720 million yuan.

  Yang Zhiming, vice president of marketing, believes that from the city structure, Guangdong's future industrial policy may no longer support the development of home enterprises, and Chengdu, as a western city, will be more able to get the strategic support of the government. The deputy general manager, deputy general manager, Su Xian is more rational, he thinks, the export of Chinese furniture is mainly in Guangdong, so Sichuan furniture can not be compared on the scale of industry. But if it is only sold in China, Sichuan furniture will definitely outdo Guangdong.

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